Our services


As well as Staffing and Recruitment Amploy also offers services within industrial and domestic cleaning in areas like: Sanitation, farm washing, industrial cleaning, office cleaning and home cleaning.


We specialize in farm cleaning, including the cleaning of barns and chicken houses. In case of disease outbreak in the stock, we also offer sanitation in accordance with current regulations.

Do you need cleaning for your factory, farm, office or even your own home? Amploy has skilled employees who take care of daily tasks, saving you time.

How can Amploy help your business?

Looking to elevate your business with top-tier staffing, recruitment strategy, or a tailored service solution? Look no further than Amploy. We pride ourselves on being the reliable partner that can deliver bespoke solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

Whether you’re seeking skilled talent, strategic recruitment support, or specialized services, Amploy is here to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to speak with our professional friendy team and discover the perfect solution crafted just for you.

Why us?

Professional Approach

We are committed to providing a professional assessment of each service and understanding all the needs of our contractors. With Amploy, you get a partner who takes your business seriously.

Professional Workers

We precisely match the employee’s competence and experience to the position’s requirements. With dedicated and experienced employees from Amploy, you can be sure that you are getting quality in every link.

New Technology

We use the latest technologies and methods to efficiently achieve your goals. We stay updated to ensure that our services meet today’s requirements and standards.